JWoww’s Ex-Husband Roger Mathews Congratulates Her On Getting Engaged!

JWoww’s Ex-Husband Roger Mathews Congratulates Her On Getting Engaged!
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After the announcement that JWoww is now engaged, her ex, Roger Mathews , took to his platform to react to the news! That being said, the man made sure to express just how happy he is for his former wife, making it clear that there are no hard feelings between the two of them!

While on his podcast, Champ and The Tramp, Mathews revealed how he felt to learn about the Jersey Shore star making the next step in her current relationship with Zack Clayton.

'I’m happy for her. I am happy for them. I do not know Zack well,' he mentioned.

He went on to stress that all he knows about JWoww's fiance is from their kids!

'He’s good to my children, Jenni seems really happy, they seem really happy together, I have no reason to have beef with him, whatsoever. And I am happy for Jenni.'

As fans remember, JWoww and Roger initially tied the knot in the fall of 2015 and they share two kids together - 4 year old Greyson and 6 year old Meilani.

In December of 2018, the woman filed for divorce, which went on to be finalized in the summer of 2019.

Roger opened up about the divorce, discussing how difficult it all was on both he and Jenni.

'We went through our s**t. We went through some nasty s**t as many divorces are, but we live really public lives. I take an incredible amount of responsibility for all that. I did s**t I should have never done. [I am] sorry for it, I went through the channels I think I had to go through to become a better person and to work on myself. So, why am I gonna resent it? Our time together's over, with the exception of being co-parents to two wonderful kids. I'd never…not want her to move on with her life and be happy. I am happy for them, truly.'


Roger concluded his sweet and graceful message by wishing the couple nothing but the best.

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