JWoww's Boyfriend Zack Carpinello Defends Himself Against Troll Who Claims He Met JWoww's Kids Too Early

JWoww's Boyfriend Zack Carpinello Defends Himself Against Troll Who Claims He Met JWoww's Kids Too Early
Credit: Source: Instagram

Now that JWoww is a single woman, she is free and clear to open up about her romance with Zack Carpinello. This also means that the 24-year-old athlete is free to clap back at ignorant followers of the Jersey Shore star.

One of Jenni Farley's Instagram fans called out Zack for being a creeper after she shared a photo of them at the safari.

'Man this dude gives me a bad vibe. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of the kids. This is why as a parent it’s best to not introduce your children to whomever you’re dating until you’re sure you have a future with them. 6 months at the very minimum.'

To which Zack hit back with: 'You’re clueless.'

Zack isn't new to JWoww's circle, he's the little brother of one of her closest friends. Surprisingly, Jenni's former husband Roger Mathews has given him a warmer welcome than some of JWoww's followers on social media.

In fact, Roger had nothing but positive things to say about the man dating his ex.


'He seems like a terrific guy, and they seem to really be happy, and I’m very happy for them. Co-parenting has been getting much easier, and we have a very friendly relationship and do things as a family together which makes the kids very happy. Wish her nothing but positive things.'

The two who met on the Jersey Shore recently finalized their divorce after a year of negotiations.

Mathews, who seemed to fight the separation notion in the beginning, has also changed his outlook on the situation.

'You can’t have the good without the bad, and I’m so looking forward to so many positive things with my kids. They are who kept me grounded and focused through it all, and they have always been my priority and focus. Jenni and I will forever be tied by two beautiful children we love so much, and I am sure we will co-parent amazing together.'

Viewers will be meeting Zack on the next Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode.


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