JWoww Vs. Roger Mathews - Here's Why She Finally Revealed The Drama With Her Estranged Husband!

JWoww Vs. Roger Mathews - Here's Why She Finally Revealed The Drama With Her Estranged Husband!
Credit: Source: cbsnews.com

It took JWoww quite some time before deciding to make her drama with her former husband Roger Mathews public. So why did she finally reveal everything?

As you might know already, the reality TV star accused her estranged husband of domestic abuse, but also of negligent parenting as well as contacting her former boyfriend and just harassing her every way he could think of after they split.

A few days ago, Jenni took to her website to share a lengthy 2,300-word message in which she revealed everything.

Now, one source explains to HollywoodLife that the letter did not just appear out of nowhere as JWoww had been upset about Roger’s online antics for a while.

As the frustration grew and grew, she eventually poured it all in her open letter and posted it!

Apparently, the woman could not take the ‘praiseworthy father and husband’ image Roger had been creating for himself by sharing clips and pictures of him spending time with the kids after their divorce was filed.

‘She finally felt like she had enough of sitting idle and quiet which is why she posted on Instagram. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that Roger drove around in his car shooting videos of the children on social media last weekend. She felt being silent wasn’t doing her any good anymore, so she acted,’ the insider told the news outlet.

But why did the star keep silent about everything that was going on? After all, she even accused Roger of ‘aggressively’ throwing her to the ground during a particularly bad fight.

The source explained that ‘Jenni has stayed quiet because she doesn’t want her kids to ever see anything negative about their father.’

In the end, they mentioned that it felt like the weight lifted off her shoulders when Jenni revealed everything.

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