JWoww Slams Angelina Pivarnick For Saying Her Boyfriend Zack Groped Her

JWoww Slams Angelina Pivarnick For Saying Her Boyfriend Zack Groped Her
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

On the latest episode of Jersey Shore, it became obvious that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! Sometimes it also airs on TV for the whole country to see!

That being said, JWoww was shocked to learn by watching the footage that while she was passed out in a nightclub in Las Vegas, her boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello and Angelina Pivarnick had a flirty interaction!

The woman can be seen sitting down next to him and Zack putting his arm around her waist!

But that was not all! He put his hand on her leg as well, which led to Angelina saying in the confessional that ‘He doesn't know what boundaries are.’

Jenni took to social media to make it clear that absolutely no one had told her about the supposed ‘groping’ before the footage aired on the reality TV show.

‘After seeing tonight's episode I'm pretty hurt. I feel disrespected by someone I called a friend and by someone who stated they loved me. For 5 months I was naive, probably laughed at and made into a storyline that will forever haunt me. My heart hurts on so many levels. One thing I learned from tonight's episode is know your value. Don't ever lower your standards,’ Jenni told her followers about her boyfriend and Angelina flirting.

While it’s still unclear if she has dumped Zack or not, she did reply to a fan and added that ‘This is to both of them.’

However, as far as Angelina’s claims that Zack groped her butt, and aggressively at that, JWoww is not buying it!

‘She was all over him too... I saw her ass in his face. Real friend there. She stirred the pot knowing it would end up on tv. If she was a true friend, she would've checked him and then came straight to me. She lived for the drama and straight disrespect,’ she argued.


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