JWoww Reveals That Roger Mathews Had A Breakdown At Their Son's Pediatrician Office Amid Autism Diagnosis

JWoww Reveals That Roger Mathews Had A Breakdown At Their Son's Pediatrician Office Amid Autism Diagnosis
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Jersey Shore Family Vacation season three premiered last night. Viewers got to see JWoww explain to Deena Cortese what she was going through amid her divorce and family problems.

Last season, Jenni Farley opened up about her son's developmental struggles. At the time, Greyson's parents didn't know what was going on with the toddler.

Since then, JWoww announced to her supportive fan base that after many doctors visits and tests, her baby boy was diagnosed with autism. The episode that aired Thursday night was taking place in the thick of JWoww's drama with Roger Mathews and her efforts to get help for her son.

While chatting on a car ride with Deena, she told the story of how her soon-to-be ex-husband reacted while they were at a pediatrician's visit.

'I took the initiative for getting [Greyson] help. That was a huge argument between Roger and I. [He said], ‘He’s fine, he’s fine.’ [Roger] had a nervous breakdown in the pediatrician’s [office]. My heart broke for him because he was like, 'I just want my son to walk down an aisle and have a family of his own.''

Hearing that was, of course, heartbreaking for Cortese who was at the time pregnant with her own little meatball.

Jenni went on to explain: 'Roger believed that Greyson was a slow learner and he was going to learn on his own. That caused a lot of tension on our household because we have one parent like, 'I need to get ahead of this and fix it,’ which is me, and then you got another parent like, 'What are you doing? It’s not a big deal.''

Although Farley couldn't save her and Roger's relationship, her 3-year-old son is doing so much better.

In March, she told US Weekly: 'He’s in four or five different therapies, but he is just kicking a**. Every day gets better. Every day he’s learning something new. … It went from, he didn’t know one word or understand a word in September to now, it’s March and he’s combining two, three-word sentences. [He does] sign language. He knows his colors, his numbers'

It's great to see that the little guy is developing more every day.

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