JWoww Opens Up About Her Son's Autism Diagnosis And Updates Fans On His Amazing Progress!

JWoww Opens Up About Her Son's Autism Diagnosis And Updates Fans On His Amazing Progress!
Source: today.com

JWoww’s son Greyson was diagnosed with autism not too long ago, and the Jersey Shore star opened up about how she's been dealing with it! The proud mother also shared with HollywoodLife that the 2 year old is still living his ‘best life!’

This not the first time JWoww mentions her child’s health concerns!

About three months ago, she revealed that her son was experiencing speech delay and now, it looks like he was diagnosed officially.

Back in August, the reality TV star revealed on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that he was still unable to speak despite turning 2.

Even though the boy still cannot speak, the mom was excited to update everyone on his progress.

‘He has co therapies [every] week but we are going to step it up a notch soon and get him ABA treatments, speech therapy. He has made leaps and bounds when it comes to speech.’

The Jersey Shore celeb went on to explain that Greyson was actually vocal, but he was struggling to discern the words’ meaning.

‘He is understanding words better which was his issue. Not that he could not speak, but he would never know what his shoe is or if you said, ‘Greyson,’ he actually did not even know his name at one point until he was a little over 2. So now that he is understanding simple words, he has come so far.’

JWoww also shared that the progress has been really quick lately, explaining that while he only knew blue for a year, in just the last couple of weeks, he has also learned red, yellow, white and has been using much more sign language as well! That's great news!

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