JWoww Doesn't Regret What Happened At Angelina Pivarnick's Wedding -- She Can't Wait Until The Footage Airs

JWoww Doesn't Regret What Happened At Angelina Pivarnick's Wedding -- She Can't Wait Until The Footage Airs
Credit: Source: People

By now you've probably heard about the latest debacle among the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast where the girls were recorded trashing co-star Angelina Pivarnick at her wedding. Regardless of the current backlash, JWoww doesn't regret how things went down and she can't wait until the footage of what actually happened airs.

Deena Cortese, Snooki, and JWoww were captured on audio calling their castmate 'trash' along with other insults. To be fair, if you watch the show -- you would know that they joke with her that way anyway.

What added insult to injury was when the reality stars allegedly shaded Staten Island which caused wedding goers to start booing them. The incident reportedly left Angelina in tears to the point where she left her own reception for nearly an hour.

Pivarnick recently shared a snapshot from her wedding and claimed that she wanted a complete redo.

Fans of the star took to her comment section to slam her co-stars and apologize for her big day that was ruined.

JWoww was spotted in the comments defending herself.

'This is fun. Tune in to an all new season of jersey shore to see how it actually went down. Until then, GOODNIGHT.'

'Can't wait for this s*** to air. Unbothered af.'


When asked by another fan why she was commenting, JWoww added: 'I commented because I'm laughing at this s***... it's f******** amazing. You commented because you think your comment means something... so enjoy my response and sit down... I'm going to enjoy the f*** out of this.'

It is believed that the backlash from Angelina's wedding speech is what caused Snooki to quit the show. She opened up about getting death threats and the overwhelming drama on her podcast where she revealed she was retiring from the show.

Do you think there's more to the story?


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  • Lintu
    Lintu Feb 8, 2020 5:44 PM PST

    To the semi-literate mean girls who ruined Angelina's wedding: A Toast is NOT a Roast. They need to go back to school to learn the difference and also to learn manners of how to behave at someone's wedding. They lost all little respect they had.

  • Bananapop
    Bananapop Dec 11, 2019 6:08 PM PST

    This one used to think she could kick a man’s butt cuz of all her “training”. Some ppl think Roger was physically abusive? So is she! If u listen closely to that vid she let out he says, “Oh. Now u want to get physical?” Yeah I totally believe she hit & punched him first. A woman needs to kick her teeth down her throat. She’s not a nice person. Karma is Real Plastic Girl.

  • Alysia
    Alysia Dec 11, 2019 3:56 AM PST

    Well the way I see it jwoww didn't learn when Sammi giancola threw hands at her maybe Angelina will throw hands at her next what's with all the instigating...and her anf snooki are always defending each other bt since snooki is a Sagg I can see where the drama and comments come from always sagittarius just clash with ♋ and they are way too open about anything and trouble makers it may seem. It's no secret snooki hasn't cheated on jionni and that jwowwd bf is cheating on her and ain't gonna work out it's called karma they're just hating on angelina big time . Maybe they should focus on themselves and about the dirty sh** snooki pulled since season 1 ....o I forgot 🙄jwoww stirred the Pot and was all up in jen and Ron but I think she needs some Roger back in her life and maybe she wouldn't be like this 💯 and i think Deena gt close to Angelina but obviously she joined in cuz of jwoww and snokki I thought Deena was a good person with great personality and would understand but what r friends for it was her dam wedding for Christ sake not an episode of jersey shot 🤣🤦🤦🤦🤷

  • Peggy
    Peggy Dec 9, 2019 3:26 PM PST

    A wedding is in NO WAY a place to say things like that to the bride....in front of her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc...it was beyond inappropriate. So, Angelina has every right to be upset....now Deena, JWoww, and Snooki are playing the victim. Imagine someone dong this at your child’s wedding??!! JWoww is a pot stirrer. She stuck her nose in Ronnie’s relationship with Jen. She’s an instigator. If this was her wedding she would go wild if someone did this! Good luck with your slimey boyfriend JWoww!

  • Polly Purree
    Polly Purree Dec 9, 2019 7:36 AM PST

    JWOWW is white trash and a bully anyway. I always thought that Roger was way too good for her. Roger is a sane, hard working family man type whereas JWOWW is loud, crude, low class and uneducated. JWOWW looks and acts like she is a member of that Georgia hillbilly family in the movie Deliverance.

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