JWoww And Ex-Husband Roger Mathews Spent Thanksgiving Together Despite Divorce - Here's Why!

JWoww And Ex-Husband Roger Mathews Spent Thanksgiving Together Despite Divorce - Here's Why!
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JWoww and Roger Mathews spent Thanksgiving together despite the fact that the woman has no intention of getting back together with her ex-husband. One insider tells HollywoodLife why she invited him for dinner on the holiday, all things considered.

The source explained to the outlet that she really wanted him there and felt like it was important for Roger to have a place at the family table on Thanksgiving.

They went on to share that ‘For Jenni, the very most important thing now is having her children’s dad in their lives. Everything she's doing is solely for the children and nothing else. Just because she invited him to holidays and family functions, which she intends to go on doing, does not mean she wants to stop the divorce or that she has changed her mind about anything.’

As fans know, JWoww and Roger are the co-parents of two kids – 4 year old daughter Meilani and son Greyson, 2.
As a result, it seems like the two are totally willing to put their own personal drama on hold for the sake of their offspring.

JWoww and Roger were caught by the paparazzi with their daughter on November 14, going to see Trolls the Experience together.

And that’s not all! Apparently, they are planning to spend the rest of the holidays together as well!

‘She plans to include Roger in their Christmas too and it is never awkward or uncomfortable for her or the family. She continues to have her children’s best interest at heart. Especially with everything going on with Greyson, she knows just how essential it is to have Roger be part of the holidays.’

Both parents are super hands on with the children so being in their lives as much as possible is essential.

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