Justine Skye Has A Few Words On A Twitter Debate About The Prettiest Woman

Justine Skye Has A Few Words On A Twitter Debate About The Prettiest Woman
Credit: BET

Justine Skye is not here for the latest Twitter debate about who is the prettiest woman out there. She shared her opinion on the matter on the same social media channel and sparked an intense debate herself.

Check out her message below.

'This ongoing argument of who’s prettier has to stop guys. Every single woman y’all are fighting about is BEAUTIFUL in their own design. Get this idea out of your head that there can ONLY be one, stop thinking so small,' Justine tweeted.

Someone commented: 'Tell that to all the BEAUTIFUL women going into surgery rn to get their body fixed,' and another follower wrote: 'You are 💯 percent right for some reason people like comparing 🤔'

One other person said: 'Unfortunately, it never will stop. Our society glorifies comparing Women.'

Someone else posted this: 'Can please actually uplift each other next year? Like please,' while a follower stated that 'This the reason why some people have issues loving themselves. Cause some people love comparing.'

Justine was in the spotlight a couple of months ago when she said that she expected the backlash Kendall Jenner received for sporting an ‘afro’ for a photo shoot.

You may recall that during an interview with ET, Justin said that Kendall showed her some pics part of the Vogue shoot, and back then, she warned the model that such photos would be problematic.

‘She did that shoot so long ago and she, like, showed me the photo. I was like, ‘People are going to come at you.’ I told her people were going to come at her,’ Justine said in October.

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