Justin Trudeau And Donald Trump's Unlikely Alliance! Here’s How It Happened!

Justin Trudeau And Donald Trump's Unlikely Alliance! Here’s How It Happened!
Credit: Source: huffingtonpost.ca

Although other world leaders have been reserved to create any type of political relations with Donald Trump because of his controversial personality, the progressive Canadian Prime Minister has managed to strike an unlikely deal with The American President.

Trudeau has been called anti-Trump before in a German newspaper but now, he has proven everybody wrong by getting over his subjective dislike for the Republican President and improving their relationship for the sake of security and safe trade.

It is a well known fact that Justin Trudeau is a liberal, aspect that he always tries to stress during his speeches but he also never dissed Trump in order to advance his agenda or to win cheap political points.

Because of that, he created quite good ties with the Trump administration, with no loss of political capital for Trudeau at home or abroad.

"It's a fascinating relationship," political analyst Ian Capstick stated.

"I don't know if I would call it a close relationship," he added.

"Rather I'd say it's an early successful relationship."

Trump has praised Trudeau more than once and even last month during his Congress address he mentioned the Prime Minister, proving that The Canadian leader’s strategy was efficient.

"America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like Canada," Trump said in a press conference where Trudeau was also present.

Because of America and Canada’s shared border and history, Trudeau considered it was very important for the two countries to have good relations and so he sent delegations to discuss with the new President as soon as Trump won the office.

He even recruited an American conservative and friend of Trump’s, Brian Mulroney in order to help his build goo relations.

"There are certainly some Liberals who aren't big fans of Mulroney but would acknowledge that he seems to have a skill for working with American politicians," Liberal strategist Tim Powers stated.


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