Justin Timberlake Wants All 'Racist' Statues In His Home State Of Tennessee To Be Taken Down Right Now!

Justin Timberlake Wants All 'Racist' Statues In His Home State Of Tennessee To Be Taken Down Right Now!
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Amid the Black Lives Matter protests, a number of Confederate statues have been taken down but there's no doubt there are many more such symbols of racism in America still standing. That being said, Justin Timberlake is asking for the offensive monuments in his own home state of Tennessee to be removed as soon as possible.

Of course, that is not the limit of his request as the star wants all symbols of ‘men who proudly owned and abused Black people’ to disappear from the entire territory of the United States!

This is only one of many ways in which the country can fight racism and move forward from its dark past and Justin wants to see those racist monuments down!

For now, however, the state where Justin was born and raised, Tennessee, is filled with many statues honoring Confederate leaders so he wants the country to start the change from here!

Earlier today, he posted a video on his Instagram page from the ACLU which showed a report that there are still no less than 1296 Confederate monuments in total across all southern states.

Furthermore, it also mentions that those 10 states account for more than 4,000 lynchings between 1877 and 1950.

In the caption, Timberlake wrote: ‘A lot of you know I am from Tennessee…a state which happens to be the home of many many such Confederate monuments. I’ve been listening closely to the ongoing debates about what to do with these statues — and I really want to take a minute to talk about this. When we protest against racism in America, people think we're protesting America itself. Why's that the reaction?’

He went on to write in part that ‘Because America was built by men who believed in and benefitted from racism. This is when you hear ‘But that is all in the past.’ So let’s be clear…those men who owned and abused Black people are STILL celebrated all over our country. If we plan to move forward, all these monuments must come down.’

JT argued, however, in case someone was confused, that taking the statues down does not erase America’s ‘vile’ oppressive past.

Instead, it is a ‘symbol of respect for Black people in America’ as well as a ‘step towards progress and actual equality for all.’

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