Justin Timberlake Returns Home To Jessica Biel Following Co-Star Infidelity Scandal

Justin Timberlake Returns Home To Jessica Biel Following Co-Star Infidelity Scandal
Credit: Source: JakPost.net

Justin Timberlake has been in the headlines lately but for all the wrong reasons. E! Online reported that Justin was in the tabloids after he was photographed by paparazzi holding hands with his Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainright, despite his marriage to Jessica Biel.

Furthermore, pictures of Alisha with her hand on Justin's leg made the rounds, purportedly causing a rift between Timberlake and his partner. A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Justin and Alisha were not hooking up, and there was nothing going on between them.

Approximately two weeks after the pictures circulated in print media and on social media, the 38-year-old performer finally took to his Instagram account to address the rumors, stating he normally wouldn't address gossip, however, it was causing problems in his personal life.

On his account, Justin apologized for his behavior and also stated he felt bad for not setting a solid example for his son with Jessica. After Justin and his co-stars and crew members finishing the filming of Palmer in New Orleans, the star is now back in LA with his wife, Jessica Biel, and their son, Silas.

The same insider who spoke with the outlet explained that Justin and Jessica were moving on from the incident, and weren't going to let it define their relationship. Reportedly, Timberlake has spent a lot of his time and energy apologizing to Jessica and letting her know he understands her feelings.

Furthermore, it's been reported by multiple outlets that Jessica and Justin are celebrating Christmas together as a family and are traveling around the world. On the 17th of December, the singer was on her IG account to show Biel a bit of gratitude.

As fans of the couple know, Justin and Jessica first got married in October of 2012. Earlier this year, Biel stopped by the set of The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon revealed a clip of her stating she was never a big fan of Nsync.

Justin, as well, admitted he had to coach her through an entire song during a karaoke performance one night.


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