Justin Timberlake Explains Why He And Jessica Biel Are So Private About Their Sons

Justin Timberlake Explains Why He And Jessica Biel Are So Private About Their Sons
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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are pretty well known for being super private when it comes to their family lives, their kids especially! However, it turns out that there are not like this just for the sake of it!

While chatting with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, JT explained that the main reason he and his wife have been out of the spotlight is that their two sons, 5 year old Silas and their newest addition to the family, Phineas, can have normal childhoods!

Fans just learned their second child's name not too long ago, even though he was born sometime last year.

Timberlake explained that 'I try to be conscious of making sure we can live a life where we are not weirdly private but we are conscious of making sure they can be kids for as long as possible. And not have the weight of someone else treating them differently because of something that their parents do.'

The singer went on to share his worries that the young ones might not even manage to form true friendships because of the fame that he and his wife have.

Dax, who is also a parent of daughters Delta, 6 and 7 year old Lincoln, alongside wife Kristen Bell, shared his thoughts on the matter as well.

He agreed, saying that 'I have that great fear that kids are going to hang out with them just because of that or even resent them because of that.'

The actor then recalled how once he and Kristen had to explain to one of their daughters why she should not tell other kids about her mom voicing Anna in Frozen.

'I know you are proud and you should be able to say that, but I am just warning you, that will probably make other kids jealous and they will not know how to handle that feeling,' he shared.

'Yeah, we have this same thing where like the kids at school with my five year old are like, 'Your dad is Branch,' Justin added, relating to that exact same situation.


For more on what the two discussed, check out the podcast episode in full!


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