Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel On The Verge Of A Split? Her Lawsuit Reportedly Tearing Them Apart

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel On The Verge Of A Split? Her Lawsuit Reportedly Tearing Them Apart
Source: Billboard

Justin Timberlake’s marriage to Jessica Biel might be falling apart. The actress is currently embroiled in a controversial lawsuit, and the stress is reportedly driving a wedge between her and Timberlake. Are they on the verge of calling it quits?

According to Radar Online , Biel was accused of stealing tips from employees that amounted to well over $400,000. She was also being sued for not giving her workers adequate breaks at her restaurant, Au Fudge.

An inside source told the outlet that Biel put a lot of hard work into the business and was greatly embarrassed by the lawsuit. The actress is also worried about how the lawsuit might damage her career in Hollywood and has started to take her frustrations out on her husband.

“Justin’s been trying to lift her spirits but she’s gotten very little sleep and is glued to her work emails and phone while this mess is sorted out,” the source explained. “This is a very difficult time for her and Justin, for sure.”


Biel has not commented on the situation or the breakup rumors. Biel’s business lawyer released a statement on the lawsuit but did not reveal any additional details about the case. It isn’t clear if Biel’s marriage is on the rocks, though there have been signs that something is amiss.

Refinery 29 reports that Justin Timberlake did not appear alongside Biel during the 2017 Emmys. While Biel mingled with her fellow actors and even presented an award at the event, Timberlake was busy performing in Rio de Janeiro.

The pop star headlined the event and performed alongside a number of hit artists, including the likes of Walk the Moon, Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendes.

Biel was present for the Emmys for her part in the show, The Sinner . Biel stars as the main character of the series and also serves as executive producer. While The Sinner has been praised by critics, it did not receive any nominations.

In speaking about her involvement on the show, Biel revealed that she enjoys the entire process, from collaborating with the writers to producing and acting, and that she hopes it will open up avenues for other women in the industry to do the same.


Unfortunately, Biel didn’t say anything about her impending lawsuit or struggling marriage.

Until more information is revealed, it’s anyone’s guess what is really happening behind the scenes.


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  • Tonya lee
    Tonya lee Sep 27, 2017 12:57 PM PDT

    Well if they really loved each other this is not a problem they just work thru it together. Dam everybody in show business just give up on there marriages it's sad

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