Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Marriage Counseling — Can They Make It Work?

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Marriage Counseling — Can They Make It Work?
Credit: Source: Justin Timberlake/Instagram

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are doing everything in their power to save their marriage, according to a new report from In Touch Weekly. After photos were taken showing Justin getting cozy with his Palmer co-star, the beautiful Alisha Wainwright, fans have been worried the couple who has been married for seven years were going to split. According to In Touch Weekly's report, Justin and Jessica are going to marriage counseling and have vowed to work through their problems rather than separate.

A source stated the following to In Touch Weekly.

"Jessica's first response when the cheating scandal hit was that she wanted out, but Justin wants her to give him another chance and suggested they go back to marriage counseling. As far as I know, Jessica has no plans to visit the New Orleans set. It's very intense between them right now. Everything is up in the air."

Jessica and Justin share a four-year-old son together named Silas.

Justin's and Jessica's fans are worried about their son, Silas, and are hoping the couple can make it — despite any humiliation that Jessica may feel. Though Justin has been plagued with cheating rumors in the past, he issued a public apology to Jessica and insists that he and Alisha didn't do anything that would violate his wedding vows.

Still, some feel that Justin isn't giving Jessica the respect that she deserves, therefore, the have to have marriage counseling and find out what underlying issues are going on and address those. Justin did make a reference to alcohol playing a part in his hand holding with Alisha, but it is unclear if Justin has a drinking problem or is prone to drinking too much at times.

Justin said that he drank "way too much" that night and regrets his behavior. It's unclear whether Justin has given up drinking since news of the scandal went public.

Jessica Biel took a little break from social media when the story first broke, but she has since returned to Instagram, where she has 8.3 million followers.

What do you think about Jessica's and Justin's decision to fight for their marriage? Do you think marriage counseling is what they need?


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