Justin Theroux Reportedly Begging Jennifer Aniston For Peace Amid Angelina Jolie Dating Rumors

Justin Theroux Reportedly Begging Jennifer Aniston For Peace Amid Angelina Jolie Dating Rumors
Source: E Online

Justin Theroux is finding out that breaking up with Jennifer Aniston is not as easy as he thought. The actor's career has taken a hit in the wake of his divorce with Aniston, and he apparently believes the timing is not coincidental. Theroux is reportedly looking for peace with the Friends alum and hopes that making amends will help his career.

Inside sources claim that Theroux believes all of Aniston's industry friends are supporting her and giving him the cold shoulder. The actor does not think Aniston is intentionally sabotaging his career. He only believes her friends are rejecting him is a way of showing their support.

Theroux hopes making peace with Aniston will help convince everyone that he is not the bad guy, though it sounds like he has an uphill battle ahead of him.

"Justin’s career is not where he wants it to be right now," a source explained. "He has been busying himself with voiceover work, but he feels he is being overlooked for other stuff."

Theroux and Aniston's marriage ended about as peaceful as it gets — at least that's what he thinks. According to In Touch Weekly , Theroux opened up about the divorce in September and said the breakup was "amicable."

While Theroux thought the split was relatively painless, he did admit that their friendship will be different moving forward. But Aniston's friends are not convinced the breakup was easy.

In fact, sources claim her close friends know she was hurt by the split and believe Theroux's interview was a load of rubbish.

To make things even worse, Theroux is rumored to be involved in a relationship with Brad Pitt's estranged wife , Angelina Jolie. Theroux and Jolie are obviously free to date whomever they want but choosing to date another one of Aniston's ex-husbands is probably not a good move on Jolie's part.

If Theroux wants to get his career back on track, it would be wise to steer clear of Jolie, at least until the situation cools down.

Jennifer Aniston has not commented on the rumors surrounding Justin Theroux.


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