Justin Theroux And Elizabeth Hurley Spark Dating Rumors After Hanging Out Two Days In A Row!

Justin Theroux And Elizabeth Hurley Spark Dating Rumors After Hanging Out Two Days In A Row!
Credit: Source: nypost.com

Is there a new Hollywood couple emerging? Justin Theroux and Elizabeth Hurley were seen in each other’s company two consecutive days, and now there are rumors that the two actors are romantically involved!

The first time Justin and Elizabeth, 47 and 53 years old respectively, were spotted together was just yesterday!

They were in attendance at a fancy cocktail gathering the night prior to the 2019 Marrakesh EPrix, which took place today!

That being said, they were caught with one another today as well!

Is there something really brewing between the stars or not? Only time will tell since the proof is still pretty weak.

That is not to say that shippers are not already getting their hopes up.

Elizabeth looked as stunning as ever at the cocktail party. She wore a black long-sleeved lace dress and over it, she put on a sheer turtleneck top.

As for the accessories, she masterfully paired the outfit with a pair of matching strappy heels that put her red toenails on display.

Meanwhile, Justin went for a black look as well with some gold detailing on his sweater. Stylish!

As he held a drink in one hand, he seemed to be engrossed in a discussion with Elizabeth.

They posed for pics together as well, and it is safe to say they would make a cute couple.

But Justin was not the only man Elizabeth socialized with at the event.

Today, Theroux and Hurley were also caught attending the sporting event together.

The two Hollywood stars walked side by side while heading there and seemed to enjoy each other’s company judging by their bright smiles. There was definitely no awkwardness there!

They continued to hang out at the event as well!


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