Justin Theroux Accuses His Neighbor Of Being A Creep For Spying On His Apartment

Justin Theroux Accuses His Neighbor Of Being A Creep For Spying On His Apartment
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According to a report from Page Six, Justin Theroux, formerly the husband of Jennifer Aniston, is now accusing his neighbor in Greenwich Village of being a stalker - a "peeping-Tom," - who continuously shines flashlights into Theroux's apartment for undefined reasons.

As it was previously reported, Justin Theroux and his neighbor from downstairs, Norman Resnicow, have been fighting since 2017 when he and Jennifer Aniston started renovating their home for $1,000,000 without installing sound-proofing equipment to mute some of the noises from the renovation process.

Ever since Justin started renovating the apartment, the two have continuously been duking it out, even taking to the court on a couple of different occasions. Despite a temporary restraining order that directly prohibits Resnicow from contacting Theroux, the actor claims Resnicow has been engaging in bizarre and obsessive behavior.

In a letter to the Manhattan Judge, Theroux's attorney-at-law wrote that Rescinow is guilty of "peeping-Tom like conduct." The letter accuses Justin's neighbor of shining a flashlight into his apartment every single night. In fact, security footage shows a man doing precisely that.

Moreover, last month, Resnicow started taking measurements of a fence that Theroux had built including a new deck that Theroux was constructing as well. Previously, the two had feuded regarding the old deck. Theroux's lawyer, Sherman, in the letter, said the altercation Rescinow has left his client "understandably disturbed."

Just this past month, Resnicow had to front $23,000 to Theroux and the board following a violation of the TRO by emailing a board member. Peter Levine, Rescinow's attorney, said they would be directly responding to the judge in writing.

The dispute with his neighbor began around the same time he and his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, announced their split publicly. For a few months, the media speculated on why they broke up.

Jennifer Aniston addressed some of these reports, claiming that much of the reporting was done in a way to make her look like a lonely old woman who can't keep a man. The actress insinuated this was a pervasive problem, symptomatic of a much larger problem in society, in general.

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