Justin Bieber’s Mother Calls Hailey Baldwin Her ‘Daughter’ In Sweet Birthday Message!

Justin Bieber’s Mother Calls Hailey Baldwin Her ‘Daughter’ In Sweet Birthday Message!
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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are super happy together, and they have the full support and love of each other’s families as well! Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette proved she has completely accepted the new Mrs. Bieber into the family and that she even sees her as her own daughter with a great birthday message on social media!

It’s a well-known fact that sometimes, winning over one’s in-laws can be pretty tricky but it turns out that was not a problem for Hailey Baldwin because Justin’s mother is over the moon about her son’s choice when it comes to his wife.

Today, November 22, Hailey turned 22 years old, and it must be a great one!

Pattie took to social media to wish her daughter in law a wonderful birthday and also used this opportunity to show the world just how much she loves her!

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY @haileybaldwin !! I LOVE YOU!! I’m SO #THANKFUL to have you as a daughter!!!’ Justin’s mom tweeted, adding a lot of celebratory emojis as well, including balloons, hearts, applauding hands, faces blowing kisses and a turkey since it’s also Thanksgiving!

Justin and Hailey have been very obvious about being married already even though they are yet to make it official!

The two tied the knot in secret back in September.

At the time, they were caught by the paparazzi going to a courthouse by themselves to get a marriage license, and they reportedly got the judge to marry them on the spot!

And that’s not all! Last week, Hailey changed her Instagram handle to Hailey Bieber!

Finally, Pattie’s lovely message to Hailey was proof she is now an official member of the family in the eyes of the fans who were quick to comment things like: ‘Well I guess it’s over for jelenation‘ and ‘ENDED JELENA SHIPPERS!‘

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