Justin Bieber Will Release A New Album By Christmas If 20 Million Fans Demand It On Instagram

Justin Bieber Will Release A New Album By Christmas If 20 Million Fans Demand It On Instagram
Credit: Source: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber is offering his fans a deal — if he can get 20 million likes on his Instagram post, he'll release a new album by Christmas. The offer showed up on his official Instagram account where the Grammy-winning singer has more than 120 million followers. So far, the post has 8.8 million likes so it seems highly possible Justin will reach the goal and deliver new music in time for the holiday season.

Some are now wondering if this offer is a response to Selena Gomez releasing two new songs that seemed to discuss all of the reasons why she no longer likes Justin and needed to force herself to even hate him and his actions in order to love herself.

Some of Justin's and Selena's fans are convinced that her song is going to bring the two back together in some way, shape or form. Justin didn't say anything about what type of album he would release or if it would be a Christmas album, but he's been teasing new music for a while.

With Kanye West finally releasing Jesus Is King  and the promise of more new music from Selena, maybe Justin is challenging himself to get his music out there as well.

Justin Bieber included the following caption and stated that he needs to "see the demand" to get that album out by Christmas.

"Share it, like it, post in your story, I gotta see the demand ;) love you guys pumped for it! I’m almost done but your support will make me move faster."

You may see the post that Justin Bieber tweeted below.

Justin's fans are all over his Instagram comments, letting the singer know that the demand for his music and artistry remains high.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber were married a second time so they could have a religious ceremony after they were married in a courthouse. The renewed their vows before friends, family, and God on September 30, 2019.

Less than a month later, Selena Gomez unveiled "Lose You To Love Me" that many felt slammed Justin Bieber for getting into a serious, romantic relationship with Hailey so quickly after he and Selena split.

What do you think? Are you going to contribute to the 20 million Instagram likes?

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