Justin Bieber Tells Snoop Dogg ‘That’s My Girl’ After Flirting With Hailey Baldwin!

Justin Bieber Tells Snoop Dogg ‘That’s My Girl’ After Flirting With Hailey Baldwin!
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Snoop Dogg decided to flirt with none other than Justin Bieber’s new wife, supermodel Hailey Baldwin! As you can imagine, the singer was very protective of his ‘girl’ and did not hesitate to let Snoop know she’s with him in his epic clap-back!

It all began when the famous rapper took to his platform of choice to share a pic of Hailey!

In the caption, he simply wrote her name and added a fire emoji to let his followers know what he thinks of her.

Seeing this post, Justin wrote in the comment section ‘That’s my girl.’

Meanwhile, despite seemingly taking a break from his career, reports claim that Justin is actually back in the recording studio and it’s actually Hailey who encouraged him to do it.

‘Justin was not kidding when he said new music was coming out way sooner than you think. Justin spent the whole afternoon recording at a studio in Hollywood today. Thanks to Hailey’s love and support, Justin feels better, happy, more stable, creative and is excited about creating music again. He cannot wait to drop new music and have a great 2019 with his new bride by his side the whole way,’ one insider shared with HollywoodLife.

As for their life together as husband and wife, it sounds like Hailey and Justin are even considering adding to their family in the near future!

During her interview with Vogue Arabia, Hailey stated that ‘I love kids, and I cannot wait to have my own. I would say that now, that is a closer reality.’

Can they really do it all? Only time will tell!


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