Justin Bieber Teases There Is ‘Really Special’ New Music Coming Soon!

Justin Bieber Teases There Is ‘Really Special’ New Music Coming Soon!
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While everyone is stuck in their homes because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, it sounds like Justin Bieber is making the most of the free time he has. The star has apparently been working on new music that he dubbed as ‘really special’ when he teased his followers on what he has in store for them.

Yesterday while on IG live, he excitedly announced that he’s been busy making songs and told everyone that it will not be long before they will get to hear it!

During the live session, he was chatting with a few lucky fans and one of the conversations resulted in him dishing that he’s working on something really special.

As you may know, Justin and his wife, model Hailey Baldwin have been guaranteeing together in his home country of Canada and it sounds like he’s been using this opportunity to focus more on work.

While chatting casually with one fan, he revealed: ‘We are working on something really special. Be ready. Hopefully when this all calms down a bit we will be able to release some new stuff.  And go on tour eventually, so I am excited for that.’

Even though he was disappointed to postpone his world tour because of the global pandemic, Justin has been staying connected with his fans via IG Live, chatting directly with them as often as he can.

He was supposed to start the Changes Tour, his first in almost 3 years, on May 14 but there was nothing he could do about it so he ended up pushing it back because of the current situation.

But, as it seems, even though he can’t go on the road for now, he continues to do music with passion and dedication amidst the quarantine.

In conclusion, fans of Justin Bieber only need to wait a little bit longer before they can enjoy some new music from him.

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