Justin Bieber Shows Off New Neck Tattoo And Fans Like It A Lot - Check It Out!

Justin Bieber Shows Off New Neck Tattoo And Fans Like It A Lot - Check It Out!
Credit: Source: businessinsider.com

The singer took to social media to show off his newest tattoo and it turns out that his followers really like it! Justin Bieber has a flying bird inked on his neck now and judging by all the positive comments he got under the post, it’s safe to say that fans are super into it!

The bird soaring is really detailed and fairly big and it’s just the newest permanent body art out of many that he has!

As you know, the 25 year old singer has quite the collection on his entire torso and on his arms but it seems like this new one is particularly a fan favorite, already!

Just by briefly looking at the comment section, it’s easy to see the amount of heart emojis is huge!

This reveal was followed by a prediction by a fan regarding his future plans when it comes to getting more tattoos.

It all started with someone wondering: ‘What are your thoughts about @justinbieber’s new tattoo?!’

In response, someone else speculated that ‘I have a feeling he’s about to cover his neck in tattoos.’

Who’s to say he won’t, right? After all, Justin is really into tattoos and he’s already covered quite a lot of his body in them!

Is his neck the next body part to be completely decorated? People will just have to wait and see!

This comes only days after he previously showed off the rest of his tattoos.

At the time, Bieber was topless while at the pool with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, in Miami and putting on display the body art as well as his impressive muscles.

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