Justin Bieber Shows His Support For Black Lives Matter Once Again

Justin Bieber Shows His Support For Black Lives Matter Once Again
Credit: BET

Justin Bieber has been a supporter of BLM for a long time and now, he made sure to highlight this once again via social media. The Shade Room re-posted his words, but people attacked him in the comments due to various reasons.

His message triggered various reactions and debates in the comments.

A follower asked: 'Um didn’t he say the n word?' and someone else responded: 'um it’s been 12 years and he’s clearly matured, apologized and gotten educated .. learn to move on.'

A commenter posted this: 'how many times has he apologized for it, after people kept constantly bringing it up,' and someone else said: 'They always pick and choose who to forgive. Let it have been someone else besides Justin these comments would be different.'

One follower said: 'next time stay in your lane ... no point to prove just giving what you already know about yourself... whew that line up would be serious ✌🏾.. ok love enjoy grown woman ✌🏾.'

Someone else posted this: 'so because he apologized for it we should forgive him? But y’all be so quick to drag anyone else, tf outta here with that.'

A commenter wrote: 'For his brother and sis-? What am I missing something?' and one other person said: 'Usher was the one that introduced him to us, he’s been for us Literally since day one.'

In other news, Justin has been living his best life together with his gorgeous wife, Hailey Bieber.

Justin  is madly in love with his model wife,  Hailey Baldwin  and he is not afraid to show it!

Not too long ago, the singer took to social media to post a pic of his significant other taking a nap, and in the caption, he labeled her as a ‘literal angel!

Justin's fans could not be more thrilled to see him this happy.

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