Justin Bieber Says 2017 Truck Incident With Paparazzo Was His Own Fault

Justin Bieber Says 2017 Truck Incident With Paparazzo Was His Own Fault
Credit: Source: WallPapers.net

According to a report from TMZ.com, Justin Bieber isn't apologetic for hitting a paparazzo with his truck in July 2017. While as bad as that sounds, reports indicate the paparazzo darted out in front of the pop-star in an attempt to grab a photo of the 25-year-old singer.

TMZ claimed Bieber is placing the blame on the paparazzo, as well as the paparazzi, in general, for their continuous harassing of stars and the lengths they're frequently willing to go for their job.

When Justin was pulling away from the church in Beverly Hills, he accidentally hit the paparazzo, and now the man is filing a lawsuit against him. Among his injuries include a permanently disfigured kneecap as well as a torn meniscus. He also claims he suffered "emotional scars."

The pop-star just delivered his answer to the court of law, saying in court docs that the photographer's own negligence was the culprit, not his driving. The man and other paparazzi were all desperately trying to get pictures of him as he drove off the property.

William Wilson, the photographer in question, hit the ground after Bieber appeared to hit him in the video circulated on social media, especially YouTube. Justin got out of the truck and asked if he was ok, and allegedly he said he was alright.

Paramedics arrived and then took him to the hospital. Justin isn't the only celebrity to run into paparazzi problems over the years, with perhaps the most famous being Princess Diana who died in 1997 while escaping the paparazzi.

It is rumored that the Princess and her driver were trying to get away from them when they subsequently crashed in a tunnel. In recent years, other celebrities have asked for government laws, restricting paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrity children, due to their inability to consent to pictures.

Scarlett Johansson is perhaps the most recent example of a celebrity who criticized the paparazzi for their unscrupulous tactics. She claimed they practically put her life in danger.

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