Justin Bieber Reportedly Puts His Wedding To Hailey Baldwin On Hold, Selena Gomez's Breakdown To Blame?

Justin Bieber Reportedly Puts His Wedding To Hailey Baldwin On Hold, Selena Gomez's Breakdown To Blame?
Credit: Source: People

Hailey Baldwin is proudly married to Justin Bieber , but she still wants to celebrate their union with a lavish wedding. The only problem is that Bieber is reportedly dragging his feet because of Selena Gomez’s recent breakdown.

Baldwin and Bieber took part in a courthouse wedding last September, weeks after they went public with their romance. Although they made things official, sources say the couple always thought they would do a proper wedding later.

To that end, Baldwin has been pushing to move forward with the wedding plans. Insiders told Radar Online that Bieber is hesitant to agree on anything because it might devastate Gomez.

“Justin feels terrible about Selena’s breakdown and he doesn’t want to send her over the edge by having a big A-list wedding,” the source explained.

The source added that Bieber still cares about Gomez and respects her feelings. Baldwin, however, finds it frustrating that Bieber is going out of his way to appease Gomez, especially given how the wedding should be all about her.

Gomez has experienced a difficult year in regards to her health. The singer enrolled in a rehab program last October after suffering from a mental breakdown. This was around the same time that Bieber and Baldwin got engaged.

Last month, Gomez finished her treatment program. Although she has not commented on Bieber’s marriage, Gomez seems to be doing better now that she is focused on her physical and mental well-being.

As far as the newlyweds are concerned, inside sources just revealed that they had to evacuate their home in the San Fernando Valley because of serious plumbing problems.

Bieber was reportedly paying $100,000 a month in rent when he started experiences issues with the house. This includes a broken pool heater, air conditioning outages, and a burst pipe. Fortunately, the two were renting on a monthly basis so they can move out without worrying about breaking a lease.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have not commented on the latest rumors surrounding their secret marriage.


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