Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift’s Viral Banana Video Amid Their Reported Feud

Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift’s Viral Banana Video Amid Their Reported Feud
Credit: Source: ew.com

It looks like Justin Bieber, just like everybody else, has seen that clip of Taylor Swift having a breakdown over a banana after her Lasik eye surgery. That being said, the male singer thought it would be funny to joke about the female singer’s behavior while on drugs.

The two have not been on great terms since Justin took his manager Scooter Braun’s side when Taylor called him out for pretty much buying her whole career.

So Justin did not hesitate to throw some shade at Taylor, over the footage of her having a meltdown over a banana after Lasik surgery.

The video was actually captured by her own mom, Andrea, who then secretly gave it to Jimmy Fallon so that he’d play it on his talk show when she was a guest on October 3!

The clip showed a confused and woozy Taylor crying over the fruit while wondering where its head was.

During an Instagram Live stream, Justin’s wife, Hailey Baldwin was filming him when he moaned: ‘It’s not the banana that I wanted.’

The model obviously thought it was hilarious since she started laughing and said: ‘That’s so funny.’

And that was not all! Next he grabbed a random fruit and screamed that ‘It has no head!’

It was as obvious as possible that he was making fun of that particular video and the famous married couple did not bother to make it subtle at all.

Taylor was totally shocked when Jimmy shared that clip with the world while on his show!

She had no idea that her mom had even recorded her while still under the drugs’ influence so it's safe to say she was blindsided.


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