Justin Bieber Might Cry On His And Hailey Baldwin's Wedding - He's 'Overjoyed With Emotions'

Justin Bieber Might Cry On His And Hailey Baldwin's Wedding - He's 'Overjoyed With Emotions'
Credit: Source: stylecaster.com

As fans know, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are reportedly just days away from their formal wedding after previously getting married in a courthouse. That being said, one source tells HollywoodLife that the singer is ‘overjoyed with emotions’ which means that he is expected to cry on their big day.

Rumor has it that the young couple is going to tie the knot while their loved ones watch on September 30.

Apparently, the ceremony is going to take place in South Carolina.

The insider tells the news outlet that ‘Justin is overjoyed with emotions that he's getting married under God’s eyes and he cannot wait to see Hailey in her dress. He cannot imagine how amazing she's going to look and the only nerves he's having is whether he's going to cry or not. There's so much emotion surrounding the day that he knows it will be perfect, but he's just dealing with the common jitters anybody on their wedding day feels.’

Of course, Justin and Hailey are married already since they tied the knot in September of last year.

However, they did it by themselves and so, the upcoming ceremony is much more meaningful since their friends and family are going to be there as they say their vows.

They also think it will solidify their union even more.

‘This is going to make everything official and he can’t wait for it to be such a special day. Honestly speaking, however, if Hailey gets the day she's been looking forward to for her whole life, that's everything Justin can hope for himself.’

Furthermore, another source revealed that the model is just as excited for their wedding as her husband!

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