Justin Bieber Makes Girlfriend Selena Gomez Happier Than The Weeknd

Justin Bieber Makes Girlfriend Selena Gomez Happier Than The Weeknd
Credit: Vanity Fair

All is going well between Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez and this time; they are taking specific measures to make sure the romance lasts.

According to reports, the Canadian star realized how much Gomez is important to him after she disclosed that she underwent surgery over the summer.

Gomez, who is battling Lupus, had a kidney transplant to save her life.

Bieber feels like the time is right for the romance because he has matured and is ready to be the man and husband that Gomez needs.

The bad boy singer, who has changed his ways and goes to church twice a day, has promised Gomez to care for her.

The source said: “Justin and Selena are determined to make their relationship work this time around. They have agreed this is their last chance, and that if they fail once again, then they will agree to be just friends. Selena’s kidney transplant was a wake-up call for her and Justin—reminding them that life is precious and can be snatched away at any moment. They have vowed that they are going to make sure they do not neglect their relationship in favor of their careers; that they are always going to make time for each other, and they will sit down and talk through any issues that they have.”

The person went on to reveal that even Gomez's health has improved since reuniting with Gomez and added: “Things with Selena and Justin are better because the timing is right. Selena is working less, and she is living near Justin in Los Angeles where they are both happiest. Selena‘s health is on the upswing, and she has never been happier than she is now with Justin. Everything is right again.”

Gomez's friend was quick to throw The Weeknd under the bus by saying he was not a great boyfriend.

Apparently, the level of happiness that Bieber brings to Gomez is incomparable.

The tipster stated: “Selena seems much happier with Justin than she ever was with The Weeknd. While Selena was with Abel, her health played a big role in her happiness, and now that she is with Justin, her health issues have improved dramatically. Things between Selena and Abel were difficult because they were both working a lot. They were forced to travel a lot to see each other and with him touring, there was another level of stress that was added to the relationship that does not exist between Selena and Justin.”

Do you think this romance will last?

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