Justin Bieber Is The Most Viewed YouTube Music Video Of All Time

Justin Bieber Is The Most Viewed YouTube Music Video Of All Time
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It's been two years since the song first dropped, however, CNN reports that Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi's song, "Despacito," went on to become the most popular song of all time on YouTube . The song features the two aforementioned performers along with Daddy Yankee.

YouTube recently revealed a new collection of data in which they pointed out their top-performing songs of all time, with Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee's song on top. The song has a reported 6.5 billion views and is also sung primarily in Spanish.

Last year, it became the first video ever to reach 5 billion views, and later won the Guinness World Records title. Some of the other big songs on the chart include Ed Sheeran's song for which he was eventually sued, "Shape of You."

Another song that was on top of the chart was "Gangnam Style," which secured 3.4 billion views, and was also the biggest song ever for Youtube at the time. Ironically, PSY's hit went on to break YouTube due to the fact the platform couldn't handle the amount of traffic.

Additionally, Ed Sheeran is just one artist to actually have two songs on the list, with "Thinking Out Loud," coming in at 2.8 billion views. And while Justin Bieber's track was a massive hit for him and everyone else involved, he received a bit of criticism from fans when he forgot the lyrics during a concert one evening.

In the video you can see below, Justin appears to forget some of the words to the song:

Regardless of his botched performance, Justin has had a great past few years, including the smash hit song with Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, but also for his marriage to the model, Hailey Baldwin.

As it was previously reported, Justin and Hailey got their official marriage license in September 2018, and earlier this year, they married in South Carolina in what was their first official ceremony including family and friends.

However, not everybody was happy about their romance. Some fans on social media speculated Justin's marriage to Hailey played a role in Selena Gomez's entrance into a mental health facility.

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