Justin Bieber Is Taking A Break From Music To Focus On “Deep Rooted Issues”

Justin Bieber Is Taking A Break From Music To Focus On “Deep Rooted Issues”
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Justin Bieber has revealed he is taking a break from music to focus on some "deep-rooted issues," as well as work on his marriage and health.

The Biebs used social media to share the news with his fans that he needed to shift his priorities for a while. In his very lengthy Instagram message, the singer revealed music, and his fans, are important to him but as so many people know, family and health trump everything else.

"I've toured my whole teenage life, and early 20s, I realized and as you guys probably saw I was unhappy last tour and I don't deserve that and you don't deserve that, you pay money to come and have a lively energetic fun light concert and I was unable emotionally to give you that near the end of the tour," started the message.

Bieber went on to talk about how he is now focused on repairing some of his "deep-rooted issues." He explained it was imperative he get to the bottom of his struggles, so he can have a happy marriage and be a good father. No, his wife Hailey Baldwin is not pregnant, well at least the couple had not said she is pregnant. His point was more about the future. For the singer to live life to its fullest, he has to face his troubles head-on.

"I will come with a kick-ass album ASAP my swag is undeniable and my drive is indescribable his love is supernatural his grace is that reliable the top is where I reside period whether I make music or not the king said so, but I will come with a vengeance believe that," he ended the message before telling his fans to disregard his grammar and punctuation.

Justin Bieber is stepping back from music to focus on maintaining his health. The 25-year-old has been under an enormous amount of pressure since he was a child and that is just what the public knows about the music business. Bieber has had family issues and his own personal demons to battle over the past few years.

The ‘Sorry' singer did not give a time frame for his music hiatus, so fans will just have to wait until he makes a comeback announcement. In the meantime, fans can follow him and Baldwin on social media for updates on The Biebs.

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