Justin Bieber Is Helping Selena Gomez Get Over The Weeknd Split

Justin Bieber Is Helping Selena Gomez Get Over The Weeknd Split
Credit: Source: vanityfair.com

Justin Bieber has been supportive of Selena Gomez in getting over her shocking breakup from The Weeknd. Check out how exactly he is helping her.

Justin and Selena have been seen hanging out a lot of times lately, and it turns out that he is the main reason for which Sel is getting over her recent breakup so fast.



The only thing that's helping Selena get over Abel so fast is the fact that 'he doesn’t have the opportunity to get to her since he is on tour and it seems as if on top of that he isn’t chasing to get her back,' an insider confessed.

'She is also heavily focused on her health, and her recent hangouts with Justin have helped immensely put her focus on other things and the fact that those things are keeping her very busy, it has become a situation where it is out of sight, out of mind. And as long as she continues to have a good time with Justin, she will move on from Abel just as quick as she got with him.'

Selena and Justin were seen hanging out again when Justin arrived at Selena’s Studio City house on October 22. That was the first time.

Since then, they’ve spent lots of days together and appear to be extremely happy while smiling and staying close each time.



They were seen eating breakfast before attending church , and they were also spotted going on a fun bike ride.

While Selena is trying her best to get over The Weeknd, it seems he may be doing the same thing.

Abel was seen getting cozy and dancing with another woman at a club just after the news of the breakup became public. We really hope Selena will move on to what makes her the happiest.


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