Justin Bieber Is 'Determined' To Prove To Selena Gomez And Her Close Ones That He Is ‘A Completely Different Guy!’

Justin Bieber Is 'Determined' To Prove To Selena Gomez And Her Close Ones That He Is ‘A Completely Different Guy!’
Credit: Source: kiss100.co.ke

Justin Bieber is determined to show not only his girlfriend Selena Gomez but also her friends and family members that he is an entirely different person from what he used to be. Insiders close to the pair are telling all about their rekindled romance.

‘Justin’s gone through a complete metamorphosis since he and Selena last dated. He just simply is not that person anymore. He is determined to show Selena, her friends, and family that he is not that guy now. He has done a lot of growing up in the past couple years, and it shows. He is really an incredible, loving, focused and good-hearted guy and wants everyone to see it,’ one source dished.

As you may remember, when they first dated, their relationship was very public and so was their bombshell breakup!

Bieber’s troubled past was one of the main reasons why it didn’t work at the time, but the fans now hope that he has really changed.

Justin and Selena have been spotted hanging out together a lot ever since she and The Weeknd broke up and they look really happy!

With his new and improved outlook on life and behavior, we hope Jelena will last this time around!

Do you believe Bieber is really a changed man or did he just have Selena fooled and will end up breaking her heart again?

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  • Alexis Denny
    Alexis Denny Nov 26, 2017 2:16 PM PST

    I think that Justin has really changed! I think with the help of finding God and now having good friends by his side I think that it will work out! I really hope that Selena's family will give him another try (even though they did like 20 time) but he is a changed man and he is a great person, fun, cool, and can sing really well. Justin and Selena I REALLY hope that you last this time I am totally #jelenaforever

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