Justin Bieber Is Crazy About Selena Gomez’s Blonde Hair!

Justin Bieber Is Crazy About Selena Gomez’s Blonde Hair!
Credit: Source: aol.com

Selena Gomez has gone for a new hair color, and we all love it! But what does her boyfriend Justin Bieber think about the singer’s blonde hairdo? Apparently, he loves it just as much!

When Selena hit the AMAs red carpet as a blonde, the superstar shocked her many fans.

This is seemingly the first time she dyed it in such a light shade compared to her naturally dark hair.

The new style got a thumbs up from her man Justin who went crazy for the look.

Gomez took to social media around the time she hit the red carpet to post a pic that showed off her locks and Bieber was fast to like the snap.

But of course, he was not the only one who simply loves Selena’s blonde hair as the most followed person on Instagram in the world managed to get to no less than 1.5 million hearts in a very short time.

Selena Gomez did not only impress with her looks but also with her fantastic performance of ‘Wolves’ at the AMAs alongside Marshmello.

It was the first ever live performance of the very meaningful song, and it made out hearts beat with all kinds of emotions.

What do you think about Selena Gomez’ new hair color? Do you believe it suits her?

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  • JP
    JP Nov 19, 2017 7:19 PM PST

    Who cares... Those two are destiny to fail. Jus saying.

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