Justin Bieber - Intruder Trespasses His Hotel Room!

Justin Bieber - Intruder Trespasses His Hotel Room!
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According to new reports, Justin Bieber had the unpleasant surprise of catching a random woman in his hotel room. The intruder’s name has not been made public by the Laguna Beach PD, the ones dealing with this case.

However, Sgt. Jim Cota from LBPD shared via E! News that the authorities arrived at Bieber's hotel ‘at 12:17 this afternoon responding to reports of a suspicious circumstance.’

The Sgt. went on to say that the officers ‘met with a 36-year-old woman who had been escorted out of Justin Bieber's hotel room by his personal security. [She had] spent the night partying at the hotel in a room that was not under her name.’

The said room was apparently located ‘just down the hall from where Justin Bieber was staying.’

And since there was ‘loud music coming from the room all night’ it was concluded that the partying lasted until the morning.

He went on to add that ‘When the group failed to check out today, hotel security escorted them out. The 36-year old woman then went back in to the hotel to try get back into her room, but told officers she mistakenly entered Justin Bieber's room instead.’

But what are the chances of entering a celebrity’s hotel room by mistake?

Justin told the intruder to leave before she was escorted by his personal security team.

Sgt. Cota informed the outlet that the woman had been arrested but that she was in the process of getting released.

At this time, the police are still investigating whether she ‘deliberately tried accessing the room because she knew Justin Bieber was inside’ or not.

As for how the singer reacted, the man stated that Bieber was understandably startled but that he is ‘doing fine.’

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