Justin Bieber Inspired By Selena Gomez - He's Writing Music About Her And Their Love!

Justin Bieber Inspired By Selena Gomez - He's Writing Music About Her And Their Love!
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We have learned that Justin Bieber is more in love than ever now that he and Selena Gomez have rekindled their romance. That being said, the feelings in his heart have been making his creating juices flow, and he has apparently been writing music all about Selena and their love!

‘Justin’s proud and inspired by Selena. He loves how hard she works in her career, how much she’s overcome with her health struggles and finds motivation in her dedication to faith. Justin’s found such inspiration since reuniting with Selena that he’s written a ton of new music about their love. He’s not formally recorded anything about her lately, but he’s excited to get back into the studio ASAP and pour his heart out in some new tracks,’ one source close to the singer revealed.

Fans must be so excited to hear about this! Brand new tracks about Jelena’s romance? Yes, please!

But this would not be the first time their feelings for one another inspired songs.

In fact, Selena’s The Heart Wants What It Wants is totally about him!

It would be great to hear something from him about her this time around!

We can only hope that the songs will be positive and happy however as we wouldn’t want them to go through even more drama than they’ve already been.

And looking at the way their relationship has been evolving lately, we have a feeling they are going to make each other happy for a long time.

All of their romantic dates and even their memorable New Year’s Eve together are simply goals!

Do you think they are going to last or not? Are you looking forward to listening to Justin Bieber’s songs about his lady love?

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