Justin Bieber Gushes Over His ‘Literal Angel’ Hailey Baldwin Alongside Pic Of Her Taking A Nap!

Justin Bieber Gushes Over His ‘Literal Angel’ Hailey Baldwin Alongside Pic Of Her Taking A Nap!
Credit: Source: stylecaster.com

At this point, there is absolutely no doubt that Justin Bieber is madly in love with his model wife, Hailey Baldwin and he is not afraid to show it! This time around, the singer took to social media to post a pic of his significant other taking a nap and in the caption, he labeled her as a ‘literal angel!’

Fans of the famous couple are well aware that this post is not a rarity at all!

The two share a lot of such sweet declarations of love on their social media platforms, Justin in particular!

He really likes to show off their romance and, as often as he gets the chance, make others jealous of their incredible love, or, on the contrary, encourage people to believe in soulmates.

As mentioned before, his latest post about Hailey shows the model sleeping.

Apparently, she was all cozy on a boat and Justin could not help but immortalize the moment by taking a pic of it and sharing it with the world!

Hailey was wearing a pink ensemble at the time and was holding her throw pillow tightly while in dreamland.

‘A literal angel,’ Justin captioned the beautiful snap.

The married pair has apparently been on the road judging by their social media updates lately.

Just yesterday, the man also shared a few other IG Stories that showed them in a car alongside their cute pet dog!

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, Justin and Hailey have been spending a lot of quality time together.

To escape the self-isolation last month, they also headed to Utah.

While there, the model updated fans on her fashion, posting a pic of her in a tangerine two-piece by Triangl.

Later on, she also showed off their love by posting a photo featuring her and Justin sharing a kiss.


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