Justin Bieber Gushes Over 'Awesome' And 'Most Innovative Artist' Kanye West After Gigi Hadid Slams Him!

Justin Bieber Gushes Over 'Awesome' And 'Most Innovative Artist' Kanye West After Gigi Hadid Slams Him!
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After Gigi Hadid indirectly slammed Kanye West over his controversial support of Donald Trump, it’s Justin Bieber’s turn to share his opinion on the rapper and as it turns out, it could not be any more different from the supermodel’s!

During a behind the scenes video for Calvin Klein‘s ‘Deal With It’ campaign, Justin gushed over Ye, saying that he is ‘awesome’ as well as ‘most innovative artist’ that’s still performing today.

That’s right! It turns out that Justin is a huge fan of Kanye and he did not hesitate to praise him.

‘The most innovative artist performing today, or just being creative, I think it's probably Kanye. I think he has such a good eye for artistic expression, artistic view. And I think he is overall awesome,’ he says in the clip.

This comes only a week after he also appeared at the rapper’s famous Sunday Service.

At the event, Justin took the stage, performing the gospel Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp.

He also posted a video of his performance on social media soon after and captioned it with some lyrics from the song: ‘I never would have it without you…I would have lost it all, but now I see how you were there for me.’

As mentioned before, previously, Gigi Hadid made her opinion on the rapper known as well by liking a tweet dragging him and encouraging the fashion industry to avoid working with the rapper on any of his fashion collections.

It read: ‘Just in case you forgot, Kanye West advocates for Donald Trump’s administration. And that gay-hating, poor person-hating, immigrant-hating, women-hating, trans-hating, animal and nature-hating, abortion banning sociopathic genocidal agenda is the goody in each of your ‘sunday service’ gift bags.’

By liking the tweet, the supermodel made her opinion on the rapper and fashion creator well known and very clear!


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