Justin Bieber Gets New Lambo, Fans And Haters Weigh In

Justin Bieber Gets New Lambo, Fans And Haters Weigh In
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Justin Bieber has his fair share of devoted fans and avid haters so it comes as no surprise that when the public found out the Biebs bought a new Lamborghini everyone weighed in. The news of Bieber's luxury purchase hit the web on Friday after photographers spotted the sports car make its grand arrival at Laguna Beach's Montage resort. While some enjoyed the fact that Justin Bieber is enjoying his life and money, others are calling him out for his Christian faith.

It seems that Justin Bieber simply can't win over all of the public regardless of what he does. Bieber grew up in a Christian home and then found fame and became a YouTube sensation. His relationship with Selena Gomez went public at a time when fans alike idolized both.

Now, after witnessing Justin Bieber's and Selena Gomez' on-and-off again relationship people have mixed feelings when it comes to Bieber's character.

Some people believe that Justin is to blame for his relationship never working with Selena and accuse him of multiple faults they believe contributed to the couple's break up.

The comments came fast and furiously after it was learned that  Justin Bieber dropped at least $500,000 on a Lamborghini Aventador.

You can see the video of Justin Bieber receiving his new sports car in the player below.

The comments on the video and online news stories range from people who are supportive of him, complimenting on his new car to those who feel Bieber's Christianity is in jeopardy.

Some have questioned whether God would want Justin Bieber to have such an expensive car. Others have remarked that Bieber may be letting material items distract him from God.

In addition to comments regarding Bieber's faith, others pointed out that it's hard to be incognito when out in public driving a red lambo.

Other people have said that it is hypocritical for people to use Christianity to judge Justin, whether it is pertaining to his shopping purchases or his girlfriends.

Not only does Justin Bieber have a new car, but his social media followers have noticed the singer also has a new look. Those who follow Bieber on Instagram have remarked that since his latest breakup, he is embracing a grunge look.

What do you think about Justin Bieber's new Lamborghini?

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