Justin Bieber Gets Emotional While Performing At Church

Justin Bieber Gets Emotional While Performing At Church
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Justin Bieber is still on his break from music while his loyal supporters are patiently waiting for him to release new songs and take the stage again. That being said, he sort of did last night but the audience and location were not what you’d expect from a star like him.

The 25 year old was at Churchill in Beverly Hills, attending a church service and that is when he got to perform.

Not only that but one eyewitness shared with ET that the singer got pretty emotional as he was getting ready to take the stage and sing a gospel song.

Apparently, he started crying at some point and told his crowd that he’s been through a lot in the last couple of years.

The insider also dished to the outlet that Justin was pretty nervous to go on stage and perform since he did not want people to think it was a concert.

What he picked to perform in front of the congregation was Marvin Sapp’s Never Would Have Made It.

As fans know, Justin Bieber is very religious and has always been open about his faith.

Back in 2015, while chatting with ET, he talked about it and stressed that he had no intention to push his beliefs on anyone.

‘I believe it is not my job to push anything that I believe on anyone else. I think it is just my job to be a light and to share what I went through as far as my own spiritual journey,’ he argued.

While his performance does not mean he is ready to return to his career, he did tweet ‘Late night studio’ not too long after, which caused people to think he is actually working on new tracks.

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