Justin Bieber Dyes His Hair Pink - Check Out The New Look!

Justin Bieber Dyes His Hair Pink - Check Out The New Look!
Credit: Source: dailytimes.ng

Justin Bieber has a new and fun look! The singer was caught on camera rocking bubble gum pink hair while out and about in L.A. much to the excitement of fans. Check it out!

Whether you like that about him or not, Justin is used to taking all kinds of risks and his hairstyle is not an exception.

Regardless, this new look is still quite a massive change as it was definitely a visible departure from his usual brown locks.

Besides, it’s not a naturally-occurring shade, which makes it even more fun!

And that was not all! To make the new look stand out even more, Bieber put on a pair of matching pink sweatpants by Drew.

Maybe now that he has pink hair, the performer sees life in a different life since he seemed to be in such a great mood when the paparazzi caught up with him.

To show that he was in good spirits, Justin flashed a peace sign to the camera.

At the same time, the hair is definitely not the only reason for him to feel good about life and celebrate.

Speaking of, just a few days ago, his wife, model Hailey Baldwin turned 23 years old so they made sure to have a super fun party, even if they kept it low-key.

Judging by the pics from the celebration that made their way to social media, it’s safe to say that it was the perfect bash filled with deserts and good vibes.

In a special post for her birthday, in which he hinted at starting a family with Hailey, Justin also wrote: ‘Happy birthday babe. You make me want to be better every day! The way that you live your life is so attractive.. ps you turn me on in every way 😍😍😍😍 next season BABIES.’

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