Justin Bieber Defends The Idea Of Fighting Tom Cruise In MMA Match

Justin Bieber Defends The Idea Of Fighting Tom Cruise In MMA Match
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Fans of Justin Bieber know that he made a surprising declaration this past year when he expressed interest in fighting Tom Cruise in an MMA cage match. According to the New York Post, the bout is still in the cards, at least in Justin Bieber's world.

During Wednesday's episode of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show, Bieber stated that he would definitely win in a fight against the 57-year-old actor. Initially, the 25-year-old explained, he was just messing around when he came up with the idea of fighting Tom Cruise, but now it's become more serious.

Bieber, who stands at 5-foot-9, against Tom Cruise, 5-foot-9, claims fighting Tom Cruise in a fight would actually be a lot of fun. Many people would tune in and it'd be pretty funny to boot. Later, Bieber states in the clip that he's a dangerous man.

James Corden, rather than taking Bieber's side to his face, admitted that if the two men were going to fight, he'd back Tom Cruise in a bet any day of the week. Bieber says in response, "absolutely not." Bieber went on to say that Tom's purported toughness is a character trait in movies only; that's not who he really is.

Corden joked that Bieber should work his way up to Cruise, first fighting him, then Zach Braff, and then maybe Tom.

When asked about the idea of making the match a reality, Dana White, the president of the UFC, joked that he would definitely make the fight happen if he could, because it would easily be the most-watched event in pay-per-view history.

As most know, Dana is no stranger to controversial fights. He previously sanctioned the idea of WWE star Phil "CM Punk" fighting in the ring against a real fighter.

Additionally, Dana White put on the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, despite the mismatching between their respective fighting styles and sport. Conor is an MMA fighter and Floyd is a professional boxer. Will we see a fight between Bieber and Cruise?

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