Justin Bieber Credits Prayer And Meditation With Getting Past The Dark Days

Justin Bieber Credits Prayer And Meditation With Getting Past The Dark Days
Credit: Source: Justin Bieber The Final Chapter/YouTube

Justin Bieber credits prayer and meditation with getting past the dark days and finding joy and happiness again in life. Fans were shocked and saddened to learn the "Lonely" singer had struggled with suicidal thoughts during the height of fame. He opened up and made the revelations known during his latest documentary Justin Bieber: Next Chapter . The documentary comes just a week before his own pastor, Carl Lentz , would lose his position pastoring the church he co-founded Hillsong NYC. Carl Lentz baptized Justin and has been a spiritual mentor to the Grammy-winning singer over the years.

Many people make the mistake of putting their hope and trust in people rather than God and Justin has made it clear to his fans that his faith is in God and he uses spiritual tools to stay strong. While some fans have made their concerns known across social media that they fear Justin will have a set back due to Carl Lentz's admitted indiscretions (he confessed to having an affair and is currently working on restoration with his wife and family).

When speaking about the dark times he endured, Justin Bieber described himself as being very suicidal. He stated the following.

"There were times where I was really, really suicidal. Like, 'Man, is this pain ever going to go away.'"

Justin continued.

It was so consistent; the pain was so consistent. I was just suffering, so, I'm just like, 'Man, I would rather not feel this than feel this.'"

Justin was able to turn his thinking around and find light in the darkness. He also encouraged people who may be feeling the same way to find someone to talk to. He explained.

I feel so just at peace for the first time in my life...I just would encourage people, like,'Hey, if you're feeling lonely, talk about it. Say it out loud!' There's a freedom in that. I could have avoided a lot of pain."

Justin then revealed how he got to a better, healthier place. He stated the following.

What's helped me is that I work out a lot, stay physical, and stay active. I pray and meditate, things like that. I write music, listen to music. Music is very powerful; it can really help you when you're feeling low.

You may watch the new documentary Justin Bieber: Next Chapter in the video player below.

Did you watch Justin Bieber's documentary? What are your thoughts? Do you agree that prayer and meditation is key to moving from darkness to light?


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