Justin Bieber Confirms He And Hailey Baldwin Are Married

Justin Bieber Confirms He And Hailey Baldwin Are Married
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Justin Bieber confirmed that he and model, Hailey Baldwin, are, in fact, married after several months of rumor and speculation. The couple posted a status update on social media two months after it was reported they had obtained an official license for marriage.

On his Instagram account, Bieber wrote, "my wife is Awesome," along with a picture of he and Baldwin walking and holding hands. As most know, Bieber, who hails originally from Canada, is one of the world's biggest artists.

His last album from 2015 was a worldwide hit and he collaborated with other artists like Major Lazer and Luis Fonsi in his global sensation, "Despacito."

In that song, Bieber sang in Spanish but received considerable criticism at a later date for not being able to sing the track live. However, fans defended him online, including his collaborator, Fonsi, who understood why Bieber wouldn't be able to sing in a language that isn't his native tongue.

Over the summer, it was revealed that Bieber and Baldwin had gotten engaged. As fans of the singer know, she is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, and in September, several publications reported they had gotten a marriage license in the US.

On Instagram, Hailey changed her name to Hailey Bieber. Rumor has it that not everybody is thrilled with their coupling, however. According to multiple reports, his marriage to Hailey Baldwin was one of the key reasons for Selena Gomez's re-institutionalization in recent weeks.

As it was previously reported, Gomez went back into rehab following the announcement that the Bieber and Baldwin were about to get married. It isn't known if this is really why Gomez went back into the hospital, but tabloid publications have made this claim.

Either way, it's been a very exciting time for Bieber's fans and the family of Hailey Baldwin. Hailey comes from a long line of successful entertainers, including Alec and Stephen Baldwin.

Her uncle, Alec, is known for his recent and critically acclaimed portrayal of the president, Donald Trump, during his frequent guest starring roles on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

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