Justin Bieber Confesses He's Been ‘Struggling A Lot’ With Depression - Asks People To Pray For Him

Justin Bieber Confesses He's Been ‘Struggling A Lot’ With Depression - Asks People To Pray For Him
Credit: Source: billboard.com

It sounds like the singer has been struggling a lot with mental health problems and not even his blissful marriage with Hailey Baldwin has been able to help him heal emotionally. Justin Bieber took to social media to tell his many followers that he is having a really hard time and that he needs everyone’s prayers.

Meanwhile, his model wife was seen in New York City by herself on the same day!

Are they having marital problems and that is why his mental health is deteriorating even more lately?

‘Sorry. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling really disconnected and weird .. I always bounce back so I am not worried but just wanted to just reach out and ask for all you guys to pray for me,’ Justin shared.

He went on to note that he has been ‘facing stuff head on,’ which is obviously a good thing and proof that he is a strong young man.

As you may know, there have been reports talking about Justin dealing with mental health issues caused by his early rise to fame.

And while fans are worried over the fact that Hailey was out and about while her hubby was dealing with his inner demons instead of being by his side, a source previously shared with HollywoodLife that: ‘Hailey loves being Justin‘s wife and she looks forward to loving and supporting him through his good times as well as these challenging ones.’

‘She wants to stay with Justin forever, even during his most difficult times. She's dedicated to him and will never turn her back on him, even when he's struggling. Hailey'll always love and support her man, she isn't going anywhere,’ they stressed.

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