Justin Bieber Claims His Drug Abuse Was Out Of Control - He Popped Pills And Smoked Blunts Every Morning

Justin Bieber Claims His Drug Abuse Was Out Of Control - He Popped Pills And Smoked Blunts Every Morning
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Justin Bieber recently dropped a brand new docuseries called Seasons on YouTube, in which he discussed his struggles with substance abuse at length. Page Six reported on one of the episodes, "The Dark Season," which explores the 25-year-old's pill addiction.

Reportedly, he got so bad at one point that his team would regularly check on him to make sure he was ok. E! News, who first reported on the newly published clip, claims that his security would come into his room at night to check his pulse.

Bieber claims the public and his fans never realized how crazy it got. Every morning, he'd get up and smoke blunts and pop pills, almost the moment he got out of bed. Bieber claims he started popping pills, taking codeine, psilocybin mushrooms, and taking MDMA as a way of escaping his feelings.

"I was young," Bieber began, adding that while it's normal to experiment with different behavioral patterns as a young man, his life was always in front of a camera, so there were extra exposure and pressure. Moreover, he had access to a lot of money and resources that the average person simply wouldn't.

Additionally, the 25-year-old singer believes his upbringing in the industry played a key role in his later struggles. Bieber admitted that his search for happiness, based on material possessions and other pleasurable experiences, became a vice.

Bieber claims he never grew up with the same kind of security that others did. For that reason, he sought out comfort in ways that often manifested as vices. As most know, Bieber has always been open and honest about his struggles with mental health, including depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, Bieber admits that his doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen, helped him finally recover, as did his wife, Hailey Baldwin, whom he claims refused to date him unless he got sober.

Regarding the future, Bieber is doing everything in his power to become a better person, which will also help him be a better husband and friend. Bieber has since started working in music again. Fans of the singer-songwriter know he just dropped a brand new song called, "Yummy."

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