Justin Bieber Claims He "Saved Himself" For Marriage Before Tying The Knot With Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber Claims He "Saved Himself" For Marriage Before Tying The Knot With Hailey Baldwin
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Reportedly, Justin Bieber claims he had a "legitimate problem with sex," and for that reason, he and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, chose to save themselves for marriage after getting back together in June of last year following months of rumor and speculation.

The 24-year-old Canadian superstar revealed in a Vogue interview published today that he had been "celibate" for approximately a year when he started hanging around Baldwin while at a conference in Miami. When he spoke with her, Bieber explained that he had a sex addiction, and staying away from it helped him get closer to the Lord.

According to Bieber,  in reference to abstaining from sex, God is "trying to protect you from hurt and pain," rather than just arbitrarily imposing limits on his children. Bieber said that he believes both men and women have sexual interactions not out of love or pleasure, but because they lack "self-worth."

"Women do that, and guys do that," the singer explained. When speaking with the journalists, Bieber suggested that God gifted him with Hailey as a reward for his good behavior. Running into Hailey this past June made him realize just how much he's in love with her following their brutal breakup.

Following just 12 weeks of a rekindled romance, Justin and Hailey got married in a New York City courthouse in September. Bieber said one of the reasons why they chose to get married so fast is because they wanted to have sex right away.

Currently, they're planning their wedding party. Speaking on their religious faith, both Baldwin and Justin are quite religious, a fact known about the Baldwin family. For instance, Hailey's father is known for being a devout follower of the Christian faith.

Baldwin admitted the first few weeks of her relationship with Justin left her feeling lonely because of all the mean remarks about her on her Instagram and Twitter. Hailey revealed that she loves Justin a lot, and always has ever since they first got into a relationship.

Speaking on the probability of it working out, Hailey admitted they're both super young and she fears they'll change a lot over the years. Hopefully, they can make it work in the end. Baldwin said she never gets sick of Justin.

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