Justin Bieber Buys Flowers, Writes Love Poem For Wife Hailey As Couple Moves In New Home

Justin Bieber Buys Flowers, Writes Love Poem For Wife Hailey As Couple Moves In New Home
Credit: Source: Justin and Hailey Bieber/Cosmopolitan/James Devaney/Getty

Justin and Hailey Bieber can't stop showing their love for one another and now the Biebs was spotted buying flowers for his wife. He also published a poem written for her on Instagram declaring his love for his bride. The couple just purchased their first home for a whopping $8.5 million ( see the pics here ) and the couple is moving into their new mansion. Are the flowers and love poem Justin's housebreaking gift for Hailey?

Though Justin has gone public about his struggles with depression, there is no question that when the two are spotted together they both appear in good spirits. Justin and Hailey aren't only smiling together in public but they are often displaying public affection to one another. Justin's love poem for Hailey is going viral as more people are enthralled by the depths of his affection for his wife.

Though some Jelena fans will never accept Hailey as Justin's wife, there is no doubt that he is ready to profess his love not only to Hailey but to the world. She is the one for him and as Justin wrote in his poem, she is his soulmate.

"As i fall into this blissful state, I ponder on how you’re my one true SOULMATE"

You may see the full poem as Justin Bieber shared it on his Instagram in the post below.

As if the love poem wasn't enough for Justin Beiber to show his love, affection, and commitment to Hailey, X17Online were on the scene when Justin stopped into a local pharmacy on Sunday and picked up two beautiful bouquets for Hailey. One bouquet was red and the other yellow.

The exclusive footage shows Justin in the pharmacy as onlookers watch him make his way through the aisle. The end of the video shows what happened when Justin first arrived and photographers approached him. If you watch the video below, you will see Justin Bieber speaking to the photographer who begins offering his apologies to Justin.

What do you think of Justin's romantic ways? Were you surprised by his love poem? Do you think he capitalized the word soulmate to let Jelena fans know that he believes Hailey is the only one for him?

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