Justin Bieber Begins Mysterious Countdown - Fans Think There Is New Music Coming

Justin Bieber Begins Mysterious Countdown - Fans Think There Is New Music Coming
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According to a report from Just Jared, Justin Bieber just began a random countdown from seven on his Instagram and Twitter account, sparking fans of the pop star to believe he has music on the way. The last time the artist had a record out was Purpose, the smashing hit album released in 2015.

For approximately 2 years, the record dominated airwaves, including the tracks, "Where Are U Now?", "Sorry," "What Do You Mean?" "Love Yourself" and "Company." It's been four years since the Canadian singer last brought out an LP, however, it doesn't appear to bother him. On the 4th of May, Justin was in New York City where he was trying avoiding the rain.

The 25-year-old pop star grabbed a green juice as well as a doggy bag during the rainy day in the Big Apple. The previous day, Justin had begun his countdown with the number seven, and then, the number six, suggesting it'll get down to number 1 and he'll release a new album.

Fans and media outlets think that the singer/songwriter has a new record coming out next Friday. However, it's hard to tell. Nevertheless, during his performance at Coachella a few weeks ago, Justin said on stage he had new music coming out.

Moreover, Justin has continued to wear the color red, meaning, there must be some kind of release on the way. Justin has had an eventful past six months, following the revelation that he and supermodel fiancée, Hailey Baldwin, actually got their official marriage license back in September.

Hailey comes from a very religious family. Since the release of Believe, Justin has grown increasingly pious, with the artwork on his last record featuring him with tattoos and also a cross-necklace.

He has increasingly referenced his devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ, however, while at one point in time, being religious was considered as "uncool," it has gotten to a point where pop stars can do no wrong in terms of beliefs, except supporting Donald Trump of course.

Possibly in an attempt to inadvertently promote his alleged upcoming album, Justin recently addressed the insinuations made by Eminem during his latest diss-track with fellow rapper Logic. Justin said that he liked Eminem, but he simply didn't understand this generation's rap music.

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