Justin Bieber Asks Fans To Follow His And Hailey's Instagram Account For Their Savannah Cats

Justin Bieber Asks Fans To Follow His And Hailey's Instagram Account For Their Savannah Cats
Credit: Source: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin-Bieber have been enjoying their times since getting married a second time on September 30, 2019, but the couple is also enjoying their time spent with their Savannah kittens Sushi and Tuna. Both have shared photos on their official Instagram accounts about their feline pets, but Justin has asked his fans to follow the cats on Instagram.

Creating a social media page for the pets called "KittySushiandTuna," the page now has more than 200,000 followers and the cats are getting plenty of love, praise, and attention.

Justin Bieber shared the following post with his 119 million Instagram followers.

"For all the kitty love you can handle follow my cats tuna and sushi on Instagram @kittysushiandtuna I’ll send my millionth follower drew gear."

You may see the sweet photo of Sushi and Tuna that Justin Bieber shared on his official Instagram account below. Justin wrote "best friends" on the photo.

Sushi and Tuna are drawing plenty of fans and their Instagram page features photos and videos of the two kittens snuggling against each other, sleeping, eating their food, posing for the camera and playing together.

You can see a video of Sushi and Tuna eating from their official Instagram page below.

The video has the following caption: Din din.

Justin only established the kitties' Instagram account last week and already they are becoming some of the most followed, celebrity pets on social media. While many people are thrilled about watching the Savannah cats grow up on social media (Savannah cats tend to be larger than typical domesticated cats) not everyone is thrilled.

PETA released a statement indicating their disappointment that Hailey and Justin chose to buy designer cats rather than rescue cats in need.

PETA stated the following.

"Justin Bieber could inspire his fans around the world to save a life by adopting a cat from a local animal shelter — rather than fueling the dangerous demand for hybrid cats, contributing to the animal overpopulation crisis, and proving that when it comes to helping animals, his stance so far is 'I don't care.'"

What do you think of Justin's and Hailey's new pet kittens? Are you going to follow Sushi's and Tuna's Instagram page?

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